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About Us

At Optimum Care Counseling and Wellness Servicices, or OCCWS, our staff of trained professionals will provide a safe and comfortable environment for our clients in which to explore their feelings, thoughts, and emotions about their struggles--relationships, poor self esteem, feelings of sadness or hopelessness, life obstacles, addiction, grief, illness--as well as any other problems, internal or external. Our goal is to help guide our clients, in a warm and non-judgmental manner, into making decisions or changes in their lives. Through therapy sessions with a counselor, we help clients reduce their symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve family and work relationships, or feel more confident about who they are and the life they live.

Here at OCCWS, our goal is to help our clients figure out where they are now, and where they want to be. We work with our clients to help each one use their individual strengths to gain insight into their problems and feel more in control of their lives. We specialize in the treatment of Mood Disorders (such as depression and anxiety), OCD, addiction, and autism, but work with clients struggling with a range of difficulties, whether they are purely emotional/cognitive or brought on by life circumstances (or both). We use effective, proven counseling menthods such as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence/goal based treatment of the 'source' of problems and struggles--the negative thought patterns and behaviors
that underlie them. With CBT, the counselor and client work together at identifying these negative thought patterns and behaviors and changing them into more realistic, healthy, and positive thought patterns and behaviors. Anxiety, OCD, and depression can be significant obstacles to leading the lives we want to live. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy teaches skills that last beyond the end of therapy, such as learning new ways to think about difficult situations, learning to stop avoiding difficult situations, as well as overcoming long-standing or deep-seated fears. OCCWS counselors also treat OCD and other forms of anxiety using a variety of therapies that have been proven effective, which the counselor will choose based on what will best serve the client in their goals.

OCCWS provides psychological services for adults, children and adolescents.